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Making a Dog Bite Claim in Northern Ireland

If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog in Northern Ireland, you’ve endured a hugely traumatic experience. Fortunately, the law here recognises that fact and is designed to protect people like you, who — through no fault of their own — are the victims of unprovoked dog attacks:

The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 bans owners from allowing dogs to be dangerously out of control and prevents dangerous breeds such as the Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa and Pitbull Terrier from being bred, sold or exchanged.

Dog owners have a responsibility to protect other people from their dogs. If a dog bit you and caused you physical harm — no matter how minor — because its owner did not have it under control, you are eligible to make a dog bite claim.

Common Dog Attack Scenarios

Dog bites can happen anywhere and might involve pet dogs, working animals, stray dogs or even police dogs. Some of the most common dog bit scenarios include:

Delivery Driver Dog Bites
Postal workers, parcel delivery drivers, oil delivery drivers, refuse collectors and other delivery drivers are often bitten when visiting properties. This could be because a dog is loose in the garden or because they suffer a letter box dog bite when making a delivery.

Dog Bites at Work
Dog bites in the workplace might involve sheepdogs on farms, customers’ dogs at a dog grooming or veterinary practice, or guard dogs operating at a commercial site.

Dog Bites in Public
Out-of-control pet dogs, escaped dogs, stray dogs and police dogs can also inflict dog bites in public. This could happen on the street, in a park, on a beach or in open countryside.

Children Dog Bites
Children may be attacked by a dog when visiting someone else’s home, by a pet dog from a neighbouring property or while out in the street, a park or another public place.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can cause a wide variety of injuries, ranging from minor grazes to life-changing conditions.

  • Grazes, Cuts & Puncture Wounds – The most common dog bite injuries are to the skin and the layers of tissue below.
  • Broken Bones – Powerful dog bites can cause breaks or fractures to the arms, legs, feet and other bones.
  • Hand & Finger Injuries – Dog bites can puncture, break or in the most serious cases sever fingers and damage the hand.
  • Face & Neck Injuries – The head and neck are commonly targeted in dog attacks, which can cause facial injuries, wounds and serious neck injuries.
  • PTSD – The trauma of a dog attack can have a long-lasting mental and psychological impact.

In the most severe dog attacks, catastrophic injuries can lead to fatalities. No matter how minor or serious the injuries you suffered in a dog attack, you are still entitled to claim the compensation you deserve.

Claiming Dog Bite Compensation in Northern Ireland

Dog bite compensation in Northern Ireland is based on the circumstances in which the bite happened and the seriousness of the injuries caused. There are no set guidelines for dog bite compensation payouts but typical thresholds for dog bite injuries include:

Hand Injuries – £18,000 – £425,000
Finger Injuries – £5,000 – £50,000
Leg Fractures – Up to £24,000
Neck Injuries – £3,000 – £375,000
Facial Scarring – £7,000 – £275,000
PTSD – £4,500 – £120,000

These payout guidelines relate to general damages for the direct impact of your injuries. You may also be entitled to special damages as compensation for any financial hardship you’ve suffered because of your dog bite injuries.

Contact us for more accurate guidance on how much your claim could be worth from one of our specialist dog bite claim solicitors.

How We Can Help You Make a Dog Bite Claim

We strongly recommend talking to our solicitors before making a dog bite claim. Getting high-quality legal advice on what steps to take will help you understand your rights and get the best result from your case.

At DA Martin Solicitors, our specialist dog attack solicitors are ready to support you with a free, confidential consultation. If your injuries make it difficult for you to come to our offices in Antrim, we are happy to arrange a home visit to discuss your case.

We know how distressing a dog bite can be. We will listen carefully to understand what happened and the physical and mental impact it has had on you. Once we know the circumstances of the dog attack you suffered, we can advise you on the best way forward. This will include discussing whether legal aid or legal expenses insurance would be appropriate to fund your dog bite claim.

With the next steps agreed, we will handle every aspect of your dog bite claim while you focus on recovering from your injuries and putting the ordeal behind you.

Garret McCann – Dog Bite Claim Solicitor

Garret McCann
  • Garret qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 after graduating from Queen’s University Belfast in Law.
  • Garret has significant experience in the area of Personal Injury Law, securing millions in damages for clients.
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Your immediate priority should be to get the medical attention you need. You should also contact the police to report the incident, making sure to get a crime reference number if possible.

Other important steps are to:

  • Ask the dog's owner for their name and address, and the name of their home/pet insurer.
  • Take photographs of the scene and your injuries.
  • Get the name and address of anyone who witnessed the dog attack.
  • Check to see if any of the witnesses or nearby properties have footage of the dog attack.
  • Contact the local council and dog warden to report the incident, and your employer if you were working at the time.

Since injuries sustained in a dog attack can vary dramatically from minor grazes to very severe, life-changing injuries, it is difficult to give an average compensation payout for a dog bite claim in Northern Ireland.

The compensation payout will depend on the circumstances of the dog attack and the injuries sustained. Contact us for a free consultation to get guidance on how much your claim could be worth.

Dog bite claim compensation is usually paid by the dog owner’s pet insurance company. If the attack happens in a public place, the payout could come from the landowner’s public liability insurance. If the attack happens while you’re working, compensation could be paid from your employer’s liability insurance.

This will depend on the circumstances of the attack and whether the dog has shown a pattern of violent behaviour. Not all dogs that bite are put down.

You normally have three years from the date of the attack in which to make a dog bite claim. There are a couple of exceptions to this.

If the dog bite victim was your child aged under 18, you can claim any time before their 18th birthday. If you don’t claim on their behalf while they’re under 18, they can claim up to their 21st birthday. If you or a loved one who was attacked by a dog don’t have the mental capacity to make a claim, there are no time limits for making a dog bite claim.

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