Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, that wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation. DA Martin Solicitors are Road Traffic accident specialists having for over 30 years secured compensation for clients who have been injured on the roads.

Who can claim and what can they claim

Anyone who has been injured in a road traffic accident can make a claim provided it is within three years of  the date of injury or the date of knowledge of injury. You can make a claim as a driver, passenger or a pedestrian if you are not the at fault party. If a next of kin has been killed in a road traffic accident you can make a claim upon their behalf.

Claims for road traffic accidents can provide compensation for physical injuries, psychological distress,  loss of earnings and future care and medical costs.

The common types of RTA claims

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorbike & Bicycle Accidents
  • Public Transport
  • Passenger Accidents
  • Fatal Accidents
  • Whiplash

How we can help and why contacting  a solicitor is in your best interests

After a Road Traffic Accident you should always contact your own solicitor for independent legal advice. Often after being involved in a Road Traffic Accident you will be cold called directly by an Insurance Company or a Solicitor acting on behalf of the Insurance Company offering to deal with your claim.

At all times you should not feel pressured to deal with these companies. You should however always speak to your own solicitor who will be acting solely in your best interests.

At DA Martin we can provide you with assistance to;

  • Start the claims process immediately
  • Speak with Police about the incident and obtain the relevant Police Reports
  • Vehicle repair and assessment of vehicle damage
  • Arranging a hire car
  • Securing compensation for your injuries
  • Recovering loss of earnings


What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

  • You should move to a point of safety and if any parties are injured contact emergency services immediately.
  • If anyone is injured, report the matter to PSNI. Police may not attend the scene but will give you  a reference number for the incident.
  • If safe to do so, take photographs of where the accident occurred ideally with the vehicles in the position where the accident occurred.
  • Take a note on your phone of what has happened so you have a contemporaneous record of what actually happened.
  • If there are any independent witnesses to the accident, ask them for their contact details so they can be called upon in future to verify events on the day in question.
  • Exchange details with the other driver

Garret McCann – Road Traffic Accident Solicitor

Garret McCann
  • Garret qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 after graduating from Queens University Belfast in Law.
  • Garret also has gained significant experience in the area of Personal Injury Law and has secured millions in damages for clients.
  • For expert legal advice call Garret on 028 9446 1509

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