Criminal Law

At DA Martin we can advise you on all criminal matters from Road Traffic Offences to more serious matters dealt with in the Crown Court.

We offer representation at all Courts throughout Northern Ireland and offer 24/7 representation in Police Stations throughout Northern Ireland. At DA Martin we aim to offer clear and concise advices from the outset to afford you the best possible defence to any charges you may face.

We understand that any involvement with the criminal justice system can prove to be very stressful and we aim to guide you through the process in a prompt and effective matter.

Our team of Solicitors can advise in relation to all criminal matters and has vast experience in all aspects of criminal law, appearing in courts throughout Northern Ireland on a daily basis. We can advise on the following;

  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Magistrates Court cases
  • Crown Court cases
  • Court of Appeal
  • Prison law

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