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Alleviate the stress of buying or selling a home with the support of our experienced conveyancing solicitors.

Residential Property Conveyancing in Northern Ireland

Moving home is renowned for being one of the most stressful things you can do. We understand that, so we’ve put measures in place to take away as much of the stress as possible.

Conveyancing is an important — and legally required — part of all property transactions. At its most basic level, this is the transfer of the legal title of a property from one person to another. But when it is done well by experienced solicitors, conveyancing can also make buying and selling properties less stressful.

At DA Martin Solicitors, our specialist conveyancing solicitors offer affordable, expert legal advice that can help you avoid costly mistakes and speed up your transaction. The result is an easier, calmer and smoother move.

Our Residential Property Conveyancing Services

There are several scenarios in which you might need residential property conveyancing in Northern Ireland — each needing specialist conveyancing knowledge.

We’re members of the Law Society of Northern Ireland Home Charter Scheme, which means we are committed to surpassing agreed standards for all areas of conveyancing work, including:

  • Buying a New Home
    Guiding you towards legal ownership of a new property with a keen eye for potential pitfalls and a focus on achieving a stress-free transaction. We manage everything from pre-contract to completion.
  • Selling Your House
    Handing all the legal aspects of selling your property, so you can concentrate on your next steps and the future. We will liaise with the buyer’s solicitor and protect your interests while managing the sale process.
  • Buy-to-Let Property
    Providing expert buy-to-let conveyancing to ensure the prompt and straightforward addition of an investment property to your portfolio.
  • New Build Property
    Supporting you with the complex legal considerations of buying a new build property from a developer. We will help you to secure a legally sound completion that protects your investment in a new home.
  • Remortgaging
    Ensuring a good legal and financial outcome when you’re moving lenders to secure a better deal, release equity or consolidate debts. Our remortgage conveyancing services make the process quicker and more convenient.
  • Co-Ownership
    Advising you on co-ownership conveyancing to handle the property transfer and preemptively manage any future legal complications. We will look after your interest when you’re buying a home under a Co-Ownership scheme.
  • Land & Site Purchase or Sales
    Taking care of legal considerations around access, boundaries, planning permission and other issues associated with buying land. This is in addition to all of our regular residential conveyancing support.
  • Transfer of Equity
    Giving expert legal advice when you need to add or remove someone from the title deeds of a property to reflect new ownership circumstances. We will handle everything so you can concentrate on the changes in your life.
  • Property Disputes
    Sharing our deep legal expertise in all areas of conveyancing to help you achieve a desirable outcome to any property disputes that arise.

Whichever aspects of our residential conveyancing services you need, we always offer independent, expert legal advice that is tailored to guide you towards the best result for your situation. Feel free to contact us to discuss the specifics of your forthcoming property transaction in a free consultation.

Our Commercial Conveyancing Services

Our conveyancing solicitors are also skilled in commercial conveyancing. We have advised local and national property developers and investors, pension funds and asset management companies, financial institutions, retailers and small businesses on a range of commercial property matters. This includes buying, leasing and selling both residential and commercial properties.

Contact us to find out how our commercial conveyancing services will support your business objectives.

How Our Property Conveyancing Solicitors Can Help You

Our solicitors are well-equipped to assist you with conveyancing in Antrim and the Greater Belfast area, in line with the standards of the Law Society of Northern Ireland’s Home Charter Scheme.

All conveyancing work is completed by our team of solicitors and never by unqualified paralegals, as is the case in some larger conveyancing practices. That means you can have confidence that every aspect of your property transaction will receive the full attention of experienced conveyancing solicitors.

You will also benefit from our:

  • Free, no-obligation consultation to listen to your circumstances, discuss the conveyancing process in easy-to-understand terms, and advise you on the best approach.
  • Effective and proactive handling of all your conveyancing needs, including liaising with the other party’s solicitors and resolving any issues that arise.
  • Swift but friendly approach to complete your conveyancing process in a professional, timely and stress-free manner.

Our Property Conveyancing Solicitors

Sean McQuaid

  • Sean qualified as a Solicitor in 1984 after graduating from Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Sean joined DA Martin in 1994 and qualified as a Solicitor Advocate in 2002.
  • With over 35 years’ experience, Sean works across all areas of conveyancing, in both residential and commercial property.

Kerry Doran

  • Kerry is a Conveyancing Solicitor who graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2011.
  • Kerry joined the DA Martin team in 2022.
  • With over 10 years experience, Kerry specialises in all areas of conveyancing, including commercial real estate and property disputes.

For expert legal conveyancing advice call Sean or Kerry on 028 9446 1509.


Conveyancing typically takes around 8-12 weeks in Northern Ireland. The process may take longer depending on the level of complexity involved in the property transaction, as well as how quickly any other parties involved in the transaction act and correspond.

We will always work with you to achieve a completion date that is best for your circumstances. Get in touch to discuss potential timescales for your property transaction.

You can work with a conveyancing solicitor anywhere in Northern Ireland to handle your property transaction. The DA Martin Solicitors office is ideally located to provide conveyancing services across Northern Ireland. If you like to deal with legal matters in person, you can join us in our office in Antrim for a free consultancy.

Property law is different in Northern Ireland than in England and Wales or Scotland, so it makes sense to work with a solicitor with experience of conveyancing in Northern Ireland rather than someone who works mainly in another legal jurisdiction.

Legal fees for conveyancing in Northern Ireland vary widely depending on the complexity of the property transaction and any exceptional legal work needed to complete the transaction. 

At DA Martin we aim to provide a competitive transparent fees quotation from the outset of your transaction. Get in touch for a free consultation and guidance on the conveyancing fees that will apply to your circumstances.

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